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Shades of Blush believes in delivering a natural & inclusive approach to skincare.

We feel passionate about supporting all people where they are in their skin care journey!

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Summer Specials

Acu-Organ Detox

15% OFF

Three steps of detoxification using acupuncture, massage on the digestive channels, followed by a warm castor oil massage on the abdomen. This procedure fires up metabolism and gently purges toxins by softening the organs, moving build-up through the digestive tract,  and eliminating metabolic waste through the lymphatic system. A perfect treatment for general detox, digestive issues, or even hangover.


All Mineral, Acne Safe, Waterproof, Tinted Sunscreen that can replace all your make up! Our Estheticians will help you find your shades as well as apply it to your skin - showing you how we have developed the best application techniques. You will leave with your new favorite skin serving make up + knowing how to use it!


145 E Sunset Rd Suite B-100

El Paso, TX 79922




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