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Eucalyptus Branch

Acne Treatment

The Acne Facial

This facial + consultation is designed to treat & together find a solution to clear your pesky rent-free visitors! We believe in delivering educated knowledge & information about your skins health. This facial includes skin analysis, deep pore cleansing, hydrating enzymes, extractions, multiple masques, high frequency to kill bacteria, cryo therapy & finishing products. Your acne specialist will build and recommend a customized skin regimen to get you on your way to clear skin.


Acne Consultation & Treatment

This is your first step to clear skin! This is a 12 week program with a strict home-care program consisting of only Face Reality products. Along with purchasing a full home-care regimen (range $150-200) you will be getting light peels ($100) each) every two weeks during the 12 weeks making it 6 peels total.


Face Reality Acne Bootcamp Peel + Extractions

Must have completed consultation prior to this booking. A series of chemical peels and pore extractions.


Hydrating Enzyme Treatment

This treatment is great for all skin types but especially for acne or congestion. Gentle yet highly effective enzymes exfoliate the skin while providing deep hydration. Suitable for even the most sensitive skin types. Say goodbye to inflammation!

50/30 min

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