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A non-invasive treatment of adhering gold-plated pellets to pressure points on the ear to stimulate and balance organ systems in the body. Ear seeding can aid in health goals such as stress relief, addiction management, detoxification, and weight loss. Ear pellets include sparkling Swarvoski crystals for a sophisticated and glamourous look!


Three steps of detoxification using acupuncture, massage on the digestive channels, followed by a warm castor oil massage on the abdomen. This procedure fires up metabolism and gently purges toxins by softening the organs, moving build-up through the digestive tract, and eliminating metabolic waste through the lymphatic system. A perfect treatment for general detox, digestive issues, or even hangover.


A special type of acupuncture that combines traditional Chinese acupuncture with principles of sacred geometry and the Hindu chakra system. Esoteric acupuncture works on a soul-level to balance mind, body and spirit and is suitable for those who are ready to expand on a highly conscious level. It can address any physical, emotional, or mental health issue.


Look ages younger in as little as one treatment! This treatment is designed to dramatically lift and tighten drooping skin by relaxing constricted muscles and tendons in the neck, scalp, ears, and face. Facial needles are silicone-dipped for smooth insertion. Facial gua sha and cupping included to reshape the face, diminish wrinkles, and create a vibrant complexion. Multiple treatments are required to achieve long-term effects.


Painlessly using fine needles to treat health concerns. Acupuncture identifies and rebalances the root cause of conditions including (but not limited to) chronic pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, autoimmune disease, acne and other skin issues, hormonal imbalances, weight problems, and can serve as a preventative measure for health concerns down the line. Treatments induce a sense of deep relaxation and restoration. Chinese herbal prescriptions are available to inhance efficacy.


Fire cupping is a non-invasive technique that uses glass cups placed on the skin to encourage blood flow to damaged areas through suction. It is often recommended to patients who suffer from chronic or acute muscular pain, joint pain, or frequent stress and tension. It is normal for cups to leave circular marks from light pink to deep purple for several days following treatment and is a perfect adjunct therapy to acupuncture.


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